Wednesday, February 14, 2018

February 14 Covering Ground

Nona Cummings presented information and examples of alternatives to rock, mulch, turf and other traditional landscaping options.  

Nona is the owner/designer of DIY Landscape Designs. Nona has a Bachelor of Science degree in Horticultural Plant Science from the University of Wisconsin and studied Landscape Design at the University of Minnesota. She's also an active Master Gardener for the University of Minnesota serving in her 25th year. 

Using her own property as a living laboratory, she discovered another way to design a more sustainable landscape. As she experimented with many different plant species over the years she determined that Mother Nature really does know best. 

Nona stressed that it is important for all homeowners to become better stewards of their property by conserving resources, reducing their use of chemicals, using more native plants and reducing their turf area.

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